Senior Integration Manager, BcX

Piet has more than 35 years’ experience in the IT industry and the last 19 thereof in the MES (MOM) arena. He has a solid comprehension of the total spectrum of MES implementations, with his comfort zone Petrochemical installations – and especially when many and diverse MES technologies are involved.

He worked in an “ordinary” IT environment for 22 years before grabbing an opportunity to install a MES solution for a large Petrochemical manufacturer. Since then he was, and still is involved in implementing MES Projects and Solutions spanning most of the challenges or demands found in the MES environment i.e. erecting new plants, large projects (+$5m), complex projects (across technologies, across businesses with vast and remote sites), etc. He really understands the art of maintaining services / systems of which a large number are mission critical with extremely stringent Service Level Agreements.

Piet believes in old fashioned service excellence where people and managing the relationship and expectation are far more important than the contract