Director & Principal Consultant, DigiVisory

MESA International Recognised Practitioner
BCom Information Systems, University of Pretoria

Gerhard Hattingh is a dedicated IT professional with 25 years’ experience across multiple industry domains and technologies. He studied B-Com Information Systems at the University of Pretoria and started his IT career in 1992.
In 1997 he started working for various companies implementing Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) which later evolved into the greater spectrum of Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) solutions including integration with ERP and control platforms.
Gerhard joined Siemens South Africa in 2006 as senior MOM consultant and was later appointed as MOM Business Lead in 2012. He received the “CEO of the Moment” award in 2013, and recognized by the company CEO, for their contribution to the company’s success.
In 2011, he co-authored the publication of “When Worlds Collide in Manufacturing Operations: ISA-95 Best Practices Book 2.0” and since published various articles around the topic of manufacturing excellence and digitalization. He also attained his MESA International certification in 2011.
In 2019, he was selected to serve on the HDRC committee for South Africa by the office of the presidency as representative of the manufacturing sector.
Gerhard is passionate to create value for companies by integrating business discipline and strategic ideation with creativity and innovation. Driver and coordinator helping customers to become a Digital Enterprise.
He is currently Director & Principal Consultant for DigiVisory – 2010 to present