Chairman - MESA Africa

Daniel has been involved with MESA in Southern Africa since its early days and has served on the regional MESA Chapter Special Interest Group executive committee for a number of years, He also held the position of MESA SA Vice Chairman in the past (2013-2014). Daniel is passionate about integrating people, process and technology to achieve business successes and meaningful returns, and in recent years has made it his special focus to promote the application of the above to further Manufacturing Operations Excellence.
Daniel has over 30 years of experience spanning a wide range of business and ICT fields and has worked for a number of leading companies in both management, project and consulting roles in diverse areas including business development and strategy, IT architecture and research, solution development and deployment, customer relationship management and operations management.

Daniel is a people’s person and believes in getting results through working with motivated teams to achieve goals.

Daniel holds academic qualifications in science, psychology and business management. Daniel serves as a director on the board of a number of companies including that of MESA Africa.